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AZRAEL 200X Server Statistics

Azrael 200X Server Statistics
Total Accounts 138
Total Characters 81
Total Guilds 0
Total Gms 1
Total Online 0
Active In 24 Hours 0

Azrael 200X Server Market Statistics
Total Items 30
Active Items 0
Expired Items 30
Total Sold 0
Total Sales ForCredits 0
Total Sales ForGold Credits 0
Total Sales ForWeb Zen 0

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Castle Siege Not Active.

# Guild Master Reg Marks
No Registered Guilds


Hack detection enabled. Cheating & Hacking will result in permanent ban. Logs are being recorded and checked daily.
Pres F10 to adjust camera using mouse scroll (hold mouse scroll for 3D view) F11 for default. F12 to minimize game in tray.
Having any suggestions,improvments? Let me know !

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