Starting Guide for newbies.

guide1Register On the website.

Open Play globaldoom.exe from client folder.

Chose your server.




Create Your character

Chose your class


guide1Press TAB to see the Mini map

Press F10 and Mouse scroll for CAMERA ( hold scroll to go 3D ),press F11 for default.

Spots on the minimap ( more monsters)

On every exit there is an ELF that gives you starting buff.

Kill monsters and earn experience , level up , craft your items and fight other players.

Go events/ kill bosses for epic rewards.


Commands in game :

  • /Dance, /Cry, /Hustle
  • /pkclear cost: 3kk zen * pk level
  • /post
  • /addstr, /addvit, /addene, /addagi, /addcmd
  • /setparty
  • /war , /endwar, /battlesoccer

Posted 03 / 03 / 2019


Hack detection enabled. Cheating & Hacking will result in permanent ban. Logs are being recorded and checked daily.
Pres F10 to adjust camera using mouse scroll (hold mouse scroll for 3D view) F11 for default. F12 to minimize game in tray.
Having any suggestions,improvments? Let me know !

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