Asgard No-RESET

Global DOOM Asgard NO-RESET server

Leveling up:

  • Experience 5x
  • 10 points per level to normal chars
  • 11points per level  to MG DL
  • max level up points is  point * level so = 4400.
  • 1 stat is max 4000.

In game rewards:

  • 1 credit each hour in game ( Claim it in account panel )
  • 6 credit per vote every 12h
  • All bosses gives epic rewards
  • Kundun boxes drops set items


  • F10 for 3d camera ( scroll it with mouse) F11 to reset
  • F12 to minimize game in tray.

Commands in game :

  • /Dance, /Cry, /Hustle
  • /pkclear cost: 3kk zen * pk level
  • /post
  • /addstr, /addvit, /addene, /addagi, /addcmd
  • /setparty
  • /war , /endwar, /battlesoccer
  • /offtrade ( write it quickly before you press OPEN PERSONAL STORE )



    Posted 17 / 02 / 2019 By globaldoom


    Hack detection enabled. Cheating & Hacking will result in permanent ban. Logs are being recorded and checked daily.
    Pres F10 to adjust camera using mouse scroll (hold mouse scroll for 3D view) F11 for default. F12 to minimize game in tray.
    Having any suggestions,improvments? Let me know !

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