Changes to server

patchOPEN Play globaldoom.exe to apply the patch !

Azrael notes :

  1. Experience now is 200 X
  2. Kundun boxes in Lorencia NPC
  3. Blood castle materials in Lorencia NPC
  4. Items drop rate increse by 50%

Many more changes will come in the next  days !!

Global NOTES:

  1. Level 3 Wings in X-shop
  2. Materials for wings level 3 in x-shop
  3. Dark Horse added in x-shop
  4. Starting pack for new characters (small wings + weap )

Posted 16 / 02 / 2019 By globaldoom


Hack detection enabled. Cheating & Hacking will result in permanent ban. Logs are being recorded and checked daily.
Pres F10 to adjust camera using mouse scroll (hold mouse scroll for 3D view) F11 for default. F12 to minimize game in tray.
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