New Patch

Hello Global DOOM players.

We updated the game with some changes.

Open the game using Play globaldoom.exe from client folder to apply patch or download the client again.

Patch includes :

  • working offlevel , it takes 2 wcoins every 60 minutes ,you can stay in offlevel up to 24 hours ( VIP unlimited , coming soon ). If you are offleveling you are immortal and it auto picks zen/jewels/ancient/cardpiece/loch feather for now. 
  • PvP ring lorencia
  • New Buffers NPC's
  • Medusa/Selupan/Lord Silvester/Kundun bosses gives wcoins between 20-30
  • offtrade in devias only
  • Only for Azrael server , NEW shop with goblin points ( get goblin points in BC/CC/SUMMON BOOK,etc)

Posted 30 / 03 / 2019 By globaldoom


Hack detection enabled. Cheating & Hacking will result in permanent ban. Logs are being recorded and checked daily.
Pres F10 to adjust camera using mouse scroll (hold mouse scroll for 3D view) F11 for default. F12 to minimize game in tray.
Having any suggestions,improvments? Let me know !

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